It Lives!

I am proud to announce that the new Trypnotik Visual is now live and direct, at long last.  The story of it’s rebirth is long, and boring.  I was planning on writing a drawn-out, cheer-leading hooray all about how excited you are for me, and how this new Web site is going to change your life for the better.  I got to the end of the second sentence and realized that i had nothing to write about, and even if I did it would be the most dull string of lies that has ever been strung since the other guy from Wham tried picking up dudes in bars.

The future is way too uncertain for me to feel comfortable shaking my pom-pons at it.  I do however, have a specific issue regarding higher education.Continue reading →

What the hell is a Trypnotik?

I am highly influenced by music.  Trypnotik is a word that was a product of mid, to late 90’s underground music and art.  There was a Moonshine Music compilation that came out in 1996 called Hard Hop + Trypno.  I thought it was a cool word, and I gave it a spacy suffix.  I have used the moniker for about a decade, and it’s what I’ve called my freelance business since I started trading Web sites in exchange for for tattoos in 2002.

I began exploring social media when I was throwing warehouse parties in Boston.  There were two email lists; Boston Raves, and later Ian Scott started the Boston Parties mailing list.  Boston Parties became wildly popular right out of the box, and the subscribers created a very strong, and loyal underground.  All we had to do was send out one Boston Parties email with event details, and we had more guests then we knew what to do with… but those are stories for another blog.Continue reading →

The Perfect Job

Everyone I have been chatting with have asked me what position I am looking for. I really have no clue. I have experience in a lot of different things, and I think my skill set is varied. All I want to do is work on the Internet, for some type of small to medium sized business. I don’t have any office experience besides, and I don’t know a lot about job titles and what they mean.
With my experience, what types of jobs should I be looking for?
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Good Morning Future

Welcome to the first post in a new blog.  The sky is pretty much the limit for this puppy.  I am not going to attempt to pigeonhole this project, but it is not my intention to make this a completely personal blog either.  The goal of this project is to document my career progress.  A brief history of what brought me to this point can be found by clicking the biography link in the menu above.
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