It Lives!

I am proud to announce that the new Trypnotik Visual is now live and direct, at long last.  The story of it’s rebirth is long, and boring.  I was planning on writing a drawn-out, cheer-leading hooray all about how excited you are for me, and how this new Web site is going to change your life for the better.  I got to the end of the second sentence and realized that i had nothing to write about, and even if I did it would be the most dull string of lies that has ever been strung since the other guy from Wham tried picking up dudes in bars.

The future is way too uncertain for me to feel comfortable shaking my pom-pons at it.  I do however, have a specific issue regarding higher education.

After going to school for a very brief time when I was 18, I chose to forgo continued education; as it was mostly a crock of shit.  Over a decade later, in the midst of having a good job in a promising career, I chose to fill some extra time and plunge myself even deeper into debt.

Originally the goal was to enroll half time in a degree program, get financial aid, score some certificates and drop out.  Unfortunately it didn’t quite unfold like that.  After the first few classes I discovered that I wasn’t learning anything useful.  In addition I was (am) paying $1000 – $13000 per class and gaining little more then disapointment.  Once my perspective was altered in that regard, I figured I’d stick it out and get a degree.  After all, the classes are stupid easy, plus I have the time and I’ve already spent all this money on nothing.

That’s a pain in my ass that I can deal with, since I am gainfully employed and my future is pretty secure.  Fast forward a few years later, and I have no job and the “extra” time that I was using for school became less extra.  My time is now my own, and is used to further my goals and learn the things I want to learn.  Previously school time was added to the work time-budget, and it worked well.  Now I will find myself waist-deep in the illest development groove, and realize that I have to leave for school.

My previous schedule was:

  1. 6am – 8am: Get up and do homework.
  2. 8am – 9am: Get ready and get to work.
  3. 5:00 – on: School on school nights, and video games on non school nights.

My current schedule is:

  1. 6am – on: Work on development projects.
  2. All other time: Video games.

As you can see, I have had quite the priority shift that has left little room for bullshit.  Colorado Technical University is absolutely full of bullshit.  I have learned nothing that I concider valuable, and nothing that I feel is worth $1000 and up; per class, per quarter.

If I felt there was value to what I was learning, or even having a decent time, the money really wouldn’t be that big of an issue.  The problem is that I am stuck in this situation.  I owe over $13,000 since June 2007, and I’m not half way through with my degree.

Herein lies the problem.  I’m in too deep financially to give up, but I have zero motivation to continue.  This quarter has seen my lowest attendance, interest and desire to put up with this crap.

My choices seem somewhat clear.  I can:

  • Stay ta CTU
  • Transfer to another school
  • Quit

None of these options seem very appealing, and all of them involve taking a giant financial loss for something that I hate.

What would you do?