Pure Chaos…

chaosForgive me Blog, for I have slacked. It has been two months since my last blog post…

As I was fixing the image for this post, I got a random tweet from a friend of mine that was tailored just for this entry, it seems. It’s a Nietzsche quote that says simply:

you need chaos in your soul to give birth to a star.

I have excuses though, plenty of them. I’ve been struggling with all of the work I’ve had to do all summer, and it feels great. I don’t know when I’ve ever been so busy, and I’ve gotten fairly, if not significantly behind in nearly everything I’m currently involved in. I really enjoy having so much to do though. It’s just becoming difficult to keep my deadlines. It seems I may have gone in each of the directions that the crossroads alluded to in my previous entry.

The summer hasn’t been a complete wash, however. I have been camping; fly fishing, gone on vacation to West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Washington DC and New Hampshire. I have hung out with all of my close friends, got drunk with some people I haven’t seen in nearly a decade, and yes… even found romance (albeit short-lived, but it was truly lovely while it lasted).

I have been getting somewhat steady work from Syntropic Music. I am redoing their main Web site, which looks like crap right now (yes, that’s all my fault). I’m not really sure where all of the technical trouble is coming from. I am using the same template as another project, with a few tweaks, but for some reason the Syntropic install is all screwed up. I am currently working with David Pennington, Syntropic Music’s Director, on moving Web servers, and cleaning up everything that has messed up.

I finished up a site for Syntropic Music’s flagship band, Gription. Besides that I am doing some digital brand management consulting for them, trying to help consolidate all of their domains at one registrar, and attempting to convince them to move syntropicmusic.com to a server that I am more familiar with.

Working with Syntropic has truly been a pleasure. I met David via social networking, and we became friends pretty easily. When Syntropic Music needed to change IT strategies, I was the guy they called. There is no better way to learn the best ways to work with clients then to begin by working with someone whom you already have a bond of trust.

I started school once again, and once again I have plenty to complain about. This time around is much different however.

Before I start bitching about how much being in college sucks, I have to give a big, giant thank you to Miss April Gosling. She is a super-duper book nerd, and I would never have been able to pass World Literature without her help. April is a fabulous poet, and a wonderful friend. Please check out her blog Social Curettage at www.aprilgosling.com.

So World Lit is taken care of, but I’m having trouble with JAVA Programming. I have never been challenged at this school. Furthermore, the last beginner programming course I took, C++, was a total crock. The instructor showed us the programming language once before, and the only time we used it was a copy and paste exercise the very last day of the class. JAVA is much different though. The instructor is engaging and fun and he is plowing us through the material like a champ. The problem however is that I underestimated the value of the class, and I gave it no attention. Now I’m kind of hosed, and have been playing catch-up for the past few weeks.

Speaking of catch up, I have Igor‘s web site to finish up and a Denver Marketing project that I need to do as well.

Probably not last, and certainly not least, I’m in the middle of a bad ass internship at a lifestyle company called Gaiam. I am working under Everett Sizemore, who is the Manager of SEO Strategy there. The company is fantastic. The people are friendly, and the office is immaculate. I never thought I would work within an office until Name.com. Now I work in a cubicle. For as much as that goes beyond my punk-rock sensibilities, the situation couldn’t be more comfortable.

I could go through all that I have been learning since I started, about a month and a half ago, but I’ll spare you. I started blogging about the things I’m picking up. I would be honored if you would check it out.

Beginning SEO is a project I started in the second week of my internship. I had a little bit of time, and I thought blogging would be a fine way to gather my notes into something that is helpful. Of course, I’m behind on that too. I’m working on overhauling Meaghan Gosling‘s web site, Art of Behavior. You can check out what I’m doing for her at Beginning SEO.

Please, follow Beginning SEO on Twitter as well: www.twitter.com/beginningseo.

So if you’ve been holding your breath for a new blog entry, which I know you have been, here it is along with my apology. You are not the only one who I’ve been neglecting. Since this spring I have been more motivated then ever… if only temporarily. The goal is permanent laziness; however I have to bust my ass now in order to be able to afford that later in the future.

I am dying for some free time, however with any more of this, I’m sure to give birth to one hell of a star.