Though we have heard of stupid haste in war…

… cleverness has never been seen associated with long delays.

Crossroads after a night of rain by Martin Liebermann
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The quote in the beginning of this post is from The Art of War.  Art of War has always been important to me.  I explained it to someone last night by saying “Christians look to the Bible for advice. I read Sun Tzu.”

It may time again to pull steaks, break camp and journey to the next destination.  This time is a little bit different then in the past though.  I have moved around quite a lot between 1994 and 2004.  From Colorado to New Hampshire; Washington, and back; then to Boston, down the mid Atlantic seaboard to Virginia, where I sojourned in a few different cities.

The only things I ever took with me was whatever I could fit in whatever transportation I could dig up.  Each time I packed up and left, it was typically to run away from some problem that I may, or may not have caused.  I always found greener pastures and brighter shores, and I always ended up learning new methods that women use to break a man’s heart.  Each time I landed in a new place, I was able to take everything I learned in the past and use it to grow my experience and wisdom.  It was a very exiting and constructive way to spend my twenties, I think.

I have been “unemployed” since January, and coffers are beginning to run low.  Freelancing was so appealing at first, but the amount of work that you have to do in order to find billable work is a bit more then I prepared for. Working alone has been difficult too.  I know now that I work better as a member of a team, and I’m dying to work with others again.

This time is different, however.  Rather then escaping, there’s a destination that I want to reach; and I don’t have the light of a burning bridge to illuminate my path.  I have a destination, and a myriad of reasons to go there.  I’m afraid I might have sucked my little place in Denver dry, and it could be time for this little parasite to hop onto a new host.

Currently my life in Denver consists of the following:

  • No job
  • Single since March 2008
  • Month-to-month apartment lease
  • A company that’s doing zero business
  • A close and comfortable network of amazing people
  • Wicked Wayz

Looking at it subjectively, it appears to me that there is not a whole hell of a lot that’s holding me here.  I am at absolute square one, and I’m ready to click the pop-o-matic bubble and go ahead as many spaces as I’ve rolled.  The only thing that I could be concerned about leaving, are my friends.  Throughout my meanderings, loosing friends has been the very last thing I’ve been worried about.  My friends have always been my friends, and coming together has proven so, in that when I see them again, it’s like no time has passed.  The chronology of social media evolution has assured that I would be able to keep up with everyone I’ve ever cared about, ever since Friendster Beta.

Wicked Wayz is going to be hard to be without.  That has been my DJ crew, support network and closest friends for the past four years.  The reluctance I may feel about leaving them is less significant then the excitement I have for new experiences, and the new friends that are just waiting to meet me, and get the next round.

Suffice to say, I’ve been here too long, but I can’t go away and leave my budding career behind.  The time I have spent in Denver is the longest I’ve been in one place for the past 15 years.  I have been out of a job for too long to be constructive.  It is time to find new circumstances, scenery and perspective.

I have chosen to find work in Fort Collins, CO.  Lackluster perhaps, but it’s what has been calling me, and the wind appears to be pointing in that direction.

Can anyone help me to find job leads?

  • Cool blog, Rick! I like the theme. Are you running this on wordpress?

  • It is WordPress. Pretty much everything I’m creating now is based on WordPress. The theme is pretty sweet, huh? There’s a link to the theme designer’s Web site in the footer. You should check them out.

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  • Rick – what a great post. I’ll keep my eyes and ears open for ya on the job front. How long have you lived in Denver?

  • Rick Ramos

    I moved back to Denver in November 2004.